You can choose from our standard colours in white, rosewood, oak, anthracite grey and even coloured outside and white inside all in uPVC. We can even offer a specific colour if you require for instance a yellow or a green, we have all colour options covered.We also have the option of timber windows for properties that may be restricted due being in conservation area or a listed building, even aluminium if thats your prefered choice.



The casement has long been one of the most popular window styles in the UK, thanks to the ingenious simplicity of its operation.
Decades of investment and innovation have made it one of the most secure, thermally efficient and attractive windows available, which can be tailored to any sized space. Top or side-hung, the casement offers the practicality and longevity to suit every style of property, and every kind of lifestyle. When an egress hinge is used, you can then clean the outside pane of glass from the inside.

Tilt and Turn

Tilt before turn windows provide the ideal solution for locations where window safety and window accessmay be an issue.
The unique concealed hardware design, means that the window can be set in one of two positions, either tilted or fully opening inwards. As a result of the unique properties of the tilt before turn window, they are ideal for apartments or flats, from the ground floor up, allowing for ventilation and easy cleaning from within the property.

Fully Reversible

Commonly used in the upper floors of houses and flats, where cleaning from the outside can be problematic, the fully reversible rotates 180º, to allow for safe indoor cleaning.
Even when fully rotated, the opening sash does not enter the room, meaning that indoor furniture can be positioned close to the window, without obstructing its operation. The fully reversible is very popular in Scotland and Northern Ireland, where it satisfies slightly different building regulations.

Sash and Case

Traditional charm with modern engineered performance and security.
So, long gone are the rattling, jamming and uncomfortably draughty sashes. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of our modern precision engineered profiles safe in the knowledge that it gives you high security, low maintenance and energy efficiency.
Attention to detail carries through to all aspects of the design with features such as optional astragal glazing bars and sash horns for more traditional properties. For a modern twist on this classic design, we offer a wide range of contemporary colours such as grey and black to add a real statement piece to your home.
Optional Travel & Tilt Restrictors can be fitted to our uPVC Vertical Sliding window to maximise ventilation without compromising on security. These can be overridden from inside the property when required. There are few better ways of adding instant kerb appeal and, therefore, value to your home.

French Casement

Classic understated style with hidden safety benefits.
Both sashes open almost a full 90º and when opened simultaneously, one casement carries the central mullion, to provide unrestricted space and rapid ventilation. Our French casements are ideal to keep you and your family safe when used as a fire escape on narrow windows. When an egress hinge is used, you can then clean the outside pane of glass from the inside.